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This page will answer some common questions we often receive about electrical services

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Do I need a surge protector for my computer?
What is the difference between a surge protector and a UPS?
I have many appliances with two prong plugs, and my outlets are made to accept three prong plugs. Is using 2 prong plugs in the 3 prong outlets dangerous?
In the States, we bought air conditioners that were rated in BTU. Here they are rated in kilowatts. How do we convert one to the other?
Can I put a timer on a water boiler so that it will go on even if I’m not home?
What is the difference between a transformer, a converter and a power supply?
I am told that using my air conditioner for heating costs less than using regular electric room heaters. Is this true?

Sometimes the main breaker jumps but none of the smaller ones do. Why does that happen?

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