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Below are some standard terminology definitions in the electrician business.

Circuit Breakers / Fuses: Devices installed in the service panel of a home to limit the flow of electricity through a circuit. The breaker rating determines the maximum flow.
Circuit Extensions: To extend or add-on to an existing circuit to provide an additional power source.
Code Corrections: Procedure designed to eliminate wiring conditions that do not meet National Electrical Code requirements and safety conditions.
Distribution Equipment: A device designed to provide electricity to multiple connections.
Energy Saving Devices: Devices utilized within a dwelling designed to more efficiently make use of energy sources while providing heating, cooling, and light.
Heater: A heat source (gas or electric) used to adjust the temperature inside a dwelling from a cold to a warm condition.
High-Tech Troubleshooting: A procedure performed by a trained technician for the purpose of locating and identifying electrical problems within an electrical system.
Load Center: Source for all power to the home. All circuits originate from the "Load Center" or "Service Panel." Circuit breakers are located within this panel.
Low Voltage: A wiring system that provides power to some electronic devices operating on a voltage level much lower than the standard 110 volts. Such devices might be doorbells and thermostats.
Motors: Electronic device used to move, switch, or adjust one or more of the systems within a dwelling.
Receptacles: Power sources located throughout a building to provide electricity where needed.
Smoke And Carbon Dioxide Detectors: Wall and ceiling mounted sensors located throughout the home used to alert occupants of deadly gasses and smoke inside the home.
Switches: Circuit interruption devices used to control the flow of electricity to lights, appliances, and outlets.
Thermostat: A low voltage electronic switching device that monitors temperatures inside the home and turns on and off the heating or cooling system in the home.
Track And Accent Lighting: Condition specific lighting that meets special lighting requirements, providing variable lighting degrees of light and may distribute light in multiple directions.
Transfer Switch: An electronic device that under certain conditions will disconnect from one power source and connect to another power source.
Wiring: A distribution network of wire that conducts electricity to receptacles, switches and appliances throughout a building/home to provide electricity where needed.

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