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Safety Facts

Electrical hazards are responsible for hundred of deaths and thousands of injuries each year in the U.S. Property damage, the result of residential electrical fires, is estimated at $1.6 billion annually.

  • Nearly 400 deaths are attributed to work place electrocutions
  • Residential electrical fires are blames for over 500 deaths
  • Approximately 4,000 workplace injuries are due to electrical hazards
  • Home electrical fires cause about 6,000 injuries
  • 140,000 home fires are related to electricity
  • Residential electrical fires cause over $1.6 billion in property damage

Market and demographic trends illustrate the persistence of the gap between electrical
safety knowledge and safe practices:

  • Growing demand for electrical products
  • People at home and in the workplace fail to recognize and address electrical
  • Globalization creates product safety challenges with codes and compliance.
  • Aging home structures add to the safety challenge
  • Changing demographics present growing educational challenges, including literacy and language barriers


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